Handy hints

So here are some things I’ve learned through trial and error…. mostly they actually ARE useful

  • Put jeans and similar stuff in the clothes dryer & get them out as soon as the cycle finishes and you won’t have to iron them.
  • Spray cooking oil on your freezer after defrosting it and the ice will just leap off next time.
  • If you burn stuff in a saucepan, put some cooking oil in it, & heat it for a while. The burnt on gunk will just fall off!Yep, everything's colourful at Chez Shary</ul> <p>n
  • Bicarb soda will clean almost anything without too much scrubbing. It’s especially great for coffee cups and bathtubs/showers.
  • Vinegar is another good cleaning thing, especially for glass & similar stuff, it just pongs a bit if you don’t rinse it well.
  • Vinegar is also good for getting rid of the gunk in kettles and anything that gets water deposit problems. Just put it in & boil then empty & rinse VERY well.
  • Put foil on your oven trays & you can just change the foil each time you use ’em rather than washing the tray.
  • Your car really doesn’t need a lot of oil!

2 thoughts on “Handy hints

  1. Hi Cuz! Well, aren’t you a handy little homebody. I never knew about the oil in a blackened pot….or the oil in the freezer. I have an old freezer (we bought it in 1976 one year after we married) and it’s still going strong although it is a pain to defrost as I don’t have a freezer in my fridge to decant frozen goods from one to the other). I will definately give it a go. I’m going to read on to see if there are any more gems…..

    • Hi Robyn, They both work really well – I always used the spray on oil for the freezer, and veggie oil for the pans… although if you’ve read the rest, you may not trust my judgement any more! 🙂 I’m a very lazy neat freak.

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