The Pyrex gods have spoken….

Sharyn, Please don’t cook…..

Pyrex dish cracked in half - in the shape of an apple

Eat an apple instead!

The dish with apple shaped crack colored in

Anyone know if they make chocolate apples?


2 thoughts on “The Pyrex gods have spoken….

  1. They make chocolate oranges, the ones that you crack on the table and they segment. They SHOULD make chocolate apples! Otherwise, it’s fruit prejudice!

    (And if the pyrex had even a drop of water, etc, that would happen, which means you may be a LITTLE in the clear…)

    • Oooh yes! I love chocolate oranges! Although, when I think of chocolate apples, I tend to think more of a combination of toffee apple & fondue. Stick an apple on a big stick and whack it in a fondue dip. I’d double, triple & quadruple dip, I just know it. 🙂

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