I’m a social media dinosaur

My dinoselfI just realized it!

I’ve had a really hard time getting my head around twitter…. Now I’ve finally figured out why…

I simply CANNOT use text speak when I’m using a qwerty keyboard.

And I HAVE to put two spaces after a full stop. It’s not the proper end of a sentence if I don’t.

The same goes for exclamation marks, question marks and other sentence ending punctuation.


In fact, I do the two spaces thing in text messages as well.

No wonder I can’t keep it under 140 characters.


2 thoughts on “I’m a social media dinosaur

  1. That’s ok. I find myself unable to text “u” when I mean “you”, and “2nite” makes me cranky.
    It’s far easier (and usually quicker) to actually phone someone and *gasp* talk to them.

    • Oh yes, I totally agree. Sometimes I get texts or even emails that use so many abbreviations that I can’t be sure what they’re trying to say…. I usually ignore them.

      A huge *gasp* at the idea of actually talking to people!

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