Should I Eat the Mystery Meat?

For me at least, it’s the time of year when thoughts turn towards cleaning out the freezer.

Using my years of experience in dealing with Mystery Meat, I’ve made this little diagram to help you assess whether to eat or dispose of any unknown meatlike products you may find.
Mystery Meat Infographic

Note: If you do decide to eat the Mystery Meat – a chili dish is always a good idea as enough chili will drown out any taste ickyness.

Oh, and a little disclaimer that if you get food poisoning – it’s not my fault! I mean seriously! Why the hell are you taking food safety advice from me?!?


5 thoughts on “Should I Eat the Mystery Meat?

  1. ~faints~

    If you do not remember purchasing the items, THROW THEM OUT.

    May not be as fun as a handy dandy chart, but it is MUCH safer! ~nods~

  2. LOL.. I’m sure you already know my “Use-by dates are for wusses” theory, but sometimes, the mystery is just because you bought in bulk and repackaged into smaller lots, or because you bought direct from the butcher and it’s not labelled.

    • ~faints~

      Let me fix that…


      If you do not remember purchasing the items, and you DO NOT RECOGNIZE WHAT THEY ARE, THROW THEM OUT!

      There, that’s better! 🙂


      • Then you probably don’t want to hear my theory about how the whole “chicken gives you food poisoning if it’s not stored properly” is just a plot cooked up by chicken makers so we keep going out and buying new chicken

  3. EEEK!

    I would tell you that the already packaged chocolate milk you can buy at the store, is milk that has gone well past its “use by” date, and they re-pasteurize it, and add chocolate, so you can’t taste that it has spoiled.

    Except, then I’d fear that you’d do the same at home….

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