Stuff I learned this week

  • Don’t lick the spoon after adding chilli to a dish.  Breathing is kind of necessary and cauterising your mouth and throat may interrupt the process.
  • It also makes you tear up. Which may lead to…
  • Don’t wipe your eyes after handling chilli until you’ve washed them PROPERLY.
  • Because a quick rinse is not always enough.
  • If the chilli is too hot when you first cook it – it won’t lose strength after being frozen for a while.
  • Although I was overwhelmingly advised that you could freeze grapes… the unwritten and unknown (by me) addendum was not for long. (pictured)
Suss grapes

Grapes looking kind of dodgy

  • Just because Bougainvillea is pretty and purple doesn’t mean it won’t mount a full on retaliatory attack if you try to prune it aggressively.
  • Bougainvillea thorns HURT
  • If you chuck a tantrum at the bougainvillea, throw in on the ground and decide to leave it till bin day next week.

1. Make sure you pick it up before it’s dark

2. Wear shoes with a thicker sole than crocs

3. Bougainvillea doesn’t forget that it’s lying on the ground because you pruned it aggressively last week

4. Bougainvillea thorns don’t hurt less after a week on the ground