Stuff I learned this week

  • Don’t lick the spoon after adding chilli to a dish.  Breathing is kind of necessary and cauterising your mouth and throat may interrupt the process.
  • It also makes you tear up. Which may lead to…
  • Don’t wipe your eyes after handling chilli until you’ve washed them PROPERLY.
  • Because a quick rinse is not always enough.
  • If the chilli is too hot when you first cook it – it won’t lose strength after being frozen for a while.
  • Although I was overwhelmingly advised that you could freeze grapes… the unwritten and unknown (by me) addendum was not for long. (pictured)
Suss grapes

Grapes looking kind of dodgy

  • Just because Bougainvillea is pretty and purple doesn’t mean it won’t mount a full on retaliatory attack if you try to prune it aggressively.
  • Bougainvillea thorns HURT
  • If you chuck a tantrum at the bougainvillea, throw in on the ground and decide to leave it till bin day next week.

1. Make sure you pick it up before it’s dark

2. Wear shoes with a thicker sole than crocs

3. Bougainvillea doesn’t forget that it’s lying on the ground because you pruned it aggressively last week

4. Bougainvillea thorns don’t hurt less after a week on the ground


6 thoughts on “Stuff I learned this week

  1. Ahem. Possibly the reason you weren’t warned (at least by me, anyway) about potential grapey freezer-burn, was that they don’t actually last long enough to get all shrivelly, as they are usually eaten pretty much as fast as you can freeze them, lol.

    I gave up trying to train my boug’ due to the thorn factor. I wanted it to grow over the roof of the shed, but now I just let it do as it likes. Consequently, Steve comes off second best when he tries to prune it back. Of the half dozen different ones I tried, every single thornless hybrid one died, but there’s no stopping the old fashioned one with thorns. Go figure.

    • Yeah, I thought the grapes thing might have been something like that 🙂 I guess if the weather hadn’t got cooler just after I froze them, I’d have probably eaten them earlier. I can’t help wondering what they’d taste like now… I kind of think they might be like little wine drops, but it’s too cold for me to want to try.

      The boug I’m fighting actually belongs to my neighbors. It grew over the fence and tangled itself in with a pretty orange flowered vine and covered the kitchen window. So I left it to grow over summer and it covered the window and kept everything cool and looked really pretty with the green and purple and orange. Now that it’s colder and darker I want the window back – and the boug has made the driveway hazardous, hence the pruning. I’m just about all healed up from the last attempt, so I think that’ll be my weekend project – to get it all cleared away.

      • Wait.

        The grapes look like the photo, or… did… when they photo was taken, and they are STILL in the freezer?!?!

        THROW THEM OUT! NOW! I’ll wait…




      • Actually, I can’t throw them out. Firstly, they’re the only thing in the freezer – and it just seems wrong (and sad) to have a freezer with nothing in it 😀 AND, you never know, I might decide to become an alcoholic next summer – and if I do, I’ll have ready made alco-blocs. After all, a girls gotta have ambition! LOLOL

  2. Sigh… THE photo was taken, not THEY photo. You know that. But I noticed it, and it’s driving me batty.

    The grapes… gone, right!!?!?

    • Yanno, I didn’t pick that up the first time I read it – I actually went back to the blog to see where I’d got it wrong. 😀

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