Food Math: Holy healthy promotional deliciousness

In honor of tomorrow the 8th March being Pancake Day, (Shrove Tuesday) and this week being National Bacon Week in Australia, here is a lovely bacon-y,banana-y, pancake-y breakfast recipe. Many thanks to Liz for sharing it with me!

Chocolate banana pancakes with bacon. YUMMO!!!


2 thoughts on “Food Math: Holy healthy promotional deliciousness

  1. I see you went with strips of bacon too. I’m going to try chopping mine next time, and mixing it in.

    Can’t believe I didn’t think of trying it with chocolate… (actually, I didn’t know they made chocolate pancake mix, lol)

    • I’m actually going to try chopped bacon tomorrow, it was bit difficult to eat with the strips. I don’t have any bananas either so I’ll use berries that I have in the freezer this time. I usually chuck them in the pancake mix but I’m not so sure how it’ll go with bacon as well.

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