Rainbow Cake in a Jar

A couple of months ago I decided to make rainbow cake in a jar from this recipe:

As you will notice, the recipe is both straightforward and easy to follow.

In my defense however, it is done using imperial measurement units rather than the more civilized metric units used in Australia.


So I had to improvise a little 


Which, in hindsight, is probably where the wheels fell off.  Oops

  • Firstly, I decided to use a white mud cake mix instead of a normal cake mix.  Because I like chocolate
  • Secondly, I chose to guess at what a pint was – and settled on “about the size of a chicken tonight jar”.  Because that’s what I had in the cupboard
  • Lastly, when the recipe said “lightly grease the inside of the jar” – I took that to mean “empty half a can of spray oil into the jar and swish it around a bit”.  Because apparently I’m stupid


The lessons I learned from all of this were

1. A pint is a lot smaller than I thought it was

What a pint is:

A Cup






What I thought a pint was:

A CupA Cup

A CupA Cup

A CupA Cup


2. Use something a little runnier than mud cake mix

3. Use a wide necked jar or smaller spoons

4. Food colouring stains stuff and you really don’t need as much as you think you will

5. Greasing the jars does not mean half filling the jar with oil

6. When the cake isn’t cooked after the suggested 30 mins – put it back for a little bit longer, not another 30 mins.

7. Wiping down the inside of the jars would almost certainly  have been a lot easier BEFORE the cake and spray had been baked into them for an hour.


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