Test driving Tim Tam Brownies Recipe

Step 1. Gather the ingredients

Brownie Mix
1/4 cup oil
1/4 cup water
1 egg
1 pack Tim Tams

Step 2. Combine all ingredients (except Tim Tams)

Oops! ‘Scuse fingers. No shell please

 Step 3. Spread a layer of brownie goo in a pan

Hmm…. maybe I should have used 2 packs of brownie mix

 Step 4.  Mmmmm Tim Tams

Wishing I’d bought 2 packs of Tim Tams. 1 and a bit for brownie testing, some for eating

 Step 5. Cover with more brownie goo

It becomes rapidly apparent I needed more brownie goo, and there was going to be precious little left in the bowl for me to lick

 Step 6. Cook for 30 minutes at 190C

 Step 7. Lick the bowl


 Step 8. It’s done when a skewer comes out clean, then cool in the pan for 15 minutes

Ouch! I burned my mowf on the skewer

 Step 9. Remember that you should have used baking paper to line the tin

Dammit! Wonder if I can stick it back together with the fudge?

 Step 10.  Try drowning it in faux cream to see if that helps

The good news is…. because it’s faux cream, logic declares it’s full of faux calories

VERDICT: Tim Tam brownies are not as nice as they sound.  Apart from all the cooking problems that may have been related to my lack of skills – the chocolate melts, but the biscuits stay hard.  In fact the biscuits get harder.  Maybe if you crushed the biscuits up, or soaked them in something for an hour or two first… but I think you’d be better off making brownies AND having Tim Tams.