Backyard flooding AGAIN

Every time there are more than a few millimeters of rain, my backyard floods. These are some pictures I took today….

The backyard:

Backyard flooding March 2010

The clothesline is somewhere back there... but I probably wouldn't get anything dry anyway

Not that I have any intention of doing the washing on a day like this.  Not that I have any intention of going outside on a day like this.  Except to take stupid photos.  It’s always worth going outside to take stupid photos!

A tubby toy:

It may be wet... but I'm having a whale of a time

I know, it’s not a great photo… but who wants to be getting too close to a whale right now?  Besides, I was trying to stand under a tree so as not to get wet.  I failed!

The lost world:

The drowning of dino

How the dinosaurs became extinct

That’s the real reason the dinosaurs became extinct…. they hadn’t invented floaties yet! If they’d practiced their swim safety, the human race would probably have never made it past caveman stage as we’d have all been eaten before we could invent the cool stuff!