Surfing on a rainy Saturday

It’s been raining all day today, and I was kind of bored and feeling like I needed to surf something a little more than sites with animals doing cute and weird things. Here are some of the cool sites I played with today!

PicLits – I’ve been a member on piclits for a while, but until recently I didn’t realise that others could see and comment on your piclits. Basically, it’s a site where you find a pretty picture and create a poem that’s uploaded to it. This is one of the first piclits I made:

PicLit from

See the full PicLit at

Then I created some social media accounts on Digg and StumbleUpon, if you’re on either, please friend me.  I haven’t bookmarked much on either yet.  Digg has a link to a site with free ebooks and StumbleUpon has the ebook link, a couple of videos from the hailstorm in Melbourne today (so I can remember to show them to my brother next time I see him) and a link to a funny article about police being called about a naked woman tied to a tree that turned out to be a consensual thing.

I learned to speak Italian at Live Mocha … well, I haven’t mastered the language yet.  But so far I can identify people – and I know how to say She is Fat, I am Fat and You are Fat.  Plus, I can say “I am a female, I am short” and this is me saying it!  

I downloaded 1984 (the book, not the album) from Planet eBook because although I’m pretty sure that I read it while I was at school I don’t remember much about it.  I assume it must have been assigned reading, otherwise I expect I’d have paid more attention.

Then, because reading 1984 on my laptop reminded why I really need to get an iPad or Kindle or something similar… I went looking for an audio book at Books Should Be Free.  What I really love about this is that you can sample the books before you download them and there’s a huge range of books.

And a couple of places you can have some great fun with pictures (I’m sure you’ve all seen my “Glamourman” shot below), it was made at Photofunia but there are a heap of other great places to play with pictures listed at 25 Websites To Have Fun With Your Photos

Cool eh?